Applied Mechanics & 

 Materials Design Lab



[Jan 2022]

- Euimin won an SKKU Research Matters scholarship. Congratulations!

[Apr 2021]

- Injun won 우수학위논문상 from KSME. Congratulations!

[Oct 2019]

- Haechan won another poster award in the 2019 International Conference on Materials and Reliability. Congratulations!

[Oct 2019]

- Haechan won a poster award in 2019 추계 금속재료학회. Congratulations!

[Apr 2019]

- Euimin won the "Best Paper Award" in 대한기계학회 재료 및 파괴부문 춘계학술대회 2019. Congratulations!

[Feb 2019]

- Our work on diffusion kinetics of metallic glasses was accepted to Scripta Materialia. Congratulations!

- Daegun (Undergrad researcher)'s work was accepted to Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Congratulations!

[August 2018]

- Euimin won the "Best Paper Award" in Emerging Technologies of Mechanical Engineering 2018. Congratulations!


[August 2018]

- Two papers on combinatorial resistance - temperature sensors and phase transformation of shape memory alloys were published in Acta Materialia. 


[Sep 2017]

- Applied Mechanics and Materials Design Lab is getting started! 

[Aug 2016]

- Our work on metallic glasses is featured in News Feature in Nature 533, 22–25 (May 2016) [link]Harvard SEAS News [link], EurekAlert! (Aug 2016) [link], and (Aug 2016) [link].



2022.7.1. Homecoming day

2022.7.1. Homecoming day

2022.6.23 Jeju

2022.6.23 Jeju

2022.01.17. Students

2022.01.17. Students!

2020.02. TMS at San Diego

2020.02. TMS at San Diego

2020.10.19. Line up!

2020.10.19. Line up!

2020.09.08. A sunny day

2020.09.08. A sunny day

2019.07. 여름 MT

2019.4. 기계학회 춘계 학술대회

2019.04. Euimin won another "Best Paper Award" @ 기계학회 춘계 학술대회 (Jeju)


Our new lab space will open soon!


2018 Summer


ISMANAM 2018, Rome


2017 10월. 한국물리학회 포스터발표 (오인준) @경주


Hyunsoo farewell @산학협력단

2021.4 우수학위논문상

2021.4 오인준 우수학위논문상

포스터 발표 우수상

2019.10. Haechan won a poster award in 2019 추계 금속재료학회


2018.08. Euimin won the "Best Paper Award" in ETME2018!