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Journal articles

33. Adith Varma Rama Varma, Tapas Das, Md. Tariful Islam Mredha, Tanish Gupta, Avinash Raulo, Dongwoo Lee*, Wonoh Lee, Seunghun Jung, Mitsugu Todo, Insu Jeon, “All-glycerogel stretchable supercapacitor with stable performance in a wide temperature window from −20 to 80 °C,Chemical Engineering Journal, 496, 153856, (2024) [link]


32. Taeyeop Kim, Wook Ha Ryu, Geun Hee Yoo, Donghyun Park, Ji Young Kim, Eun Soo Park*, Dongwoo Lee*, “Data-driven Discovery of Ultrahigh Specific Hardness Alloys,Submitted


31. Jiyeon Kim, Donggeon Lee, Dongwoo Lee, Xin Li, Sooran Kim, “Machine Learning Prediction Models for Solid Electrolytes based on Lattice Dynamics Properties,Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 15, 5914-5922 (2024) [link]


30. Namyong Kwon†, JoonHo Bang†, Won Ju Sung, Jung Hoon Han, Dongin Lee, Ilwoo Jung, Se Guen Park, Hyodong Ban, Sangjoon Hwang, Jinhye Bae, and Dongwoo Lee, “Machine Learning Investigation of High-k Metal Gate Processes for Dynamic Random Access Memory,APL Materials, 12, 021131 (2024) [link]

29. Taeyeop Kim and Dongwoo Lee*, “Microstructures, Electrical and Mechanical Properties of the Glancing Angle Sputter Deposited Metal Thin Films,” Thin Solid Films, 140438 (2024) [link]

28. Seongkyun Kim†, Taeyeop Kim†, Jaehyung Sung, Yongjun Kim, Dongwoo Lee*, and Seunghyun Baik*, “Giant thermal rectification efficiency by geometrically enhanced asymmetric non-linear radiation,Materials horizons, 10, 5720-5728 (2023) [link]


27. Jaeho Song, Haechan Jo, and Dongwoo Lee*, “Experimental data management platform for data-driven investigation of combinatorial alloy thin films,APL Materials, 11, 091117 (2023) [link]

- Github Link for the source code of the database

26. Junhee Lee†, Sanghun Park†, Kangsan Kim, Haechan Jo, and Dongwoo Lee*, “Combined effects of residual stress and microstructure on degradation of Cu thin films on Si,” Thin Solid Films, 764, 139607 (2023) [link]

25. Haechan Jo, Sanghun Park, Daegun You, Sooran Kim, and Dongwoo Lee*, “Combinatorial Discovery of Irradiation Damage Tolerant Nano-structured W-based alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 572, 154066 (2022) [arXiv link[link]

24. Heybin Kwon, Joungbin An, Dongwoo Lee, and Won-Yong Shin*, “DATa: Domain Adaptation-Aided Deep Table Detection Using Visual–Lexical Representations,” Knowledge-Based Systems, 258, 109946 (2022) [link]

23. Yeongmin Park, Jaewoong Jung, Younghoon Lee, Dongwoo Lee, Joost J. Vlassak, and Yong-Lae Park*, “Liquid-Metal Micro-Networks with Strain-Induced Conductivity for Soft Electronics and Robotic Skin,” npj Flexible Electronics, 6, 81 (2022) [link]

22. Kangsan Kim, Sanghun Park, Taeyeop Kim, Yuhyun Park, Gi-Dong Sim, Dongwoo Lee*, “Mechanical, Electrical properties and Microstructures of Combinatorial Ni-Mo-W alloy films,” Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 919, 165808 (2022) [link]

21. Daegun You, Haitao Zhang, Shraddha Ganorkar, Taeyeop Kim, Jan Schroers, Joost J. Vlassak, and Dongwoo Lee*, “Electrical Resistivity as a Descriptor for Classification of Amorphous versus Crystalline Phases of Alloys,” Acta Materialia, 231, 117861 (2022) [link]

- Github Link for the machine learning code

20. Taeho Min†, Euimin Cheong†, Changryeol Lee, Baekgyeom Kim, Hugo Rodrigue, Je-Sung Koh*, and Dongwoo Lee*, “Print-and-Spray Electro-Mechanical Metamaterials,Soft Robotics, 9, 882-888 (2022) [link] [pdf]

19. Donggun Lee, Daegun You, Dongwoo Lee, Xin Li, Sooran Kim*, “Machine-Learning-Guided Prediction Models of Critical Temperature of Cuprates,” Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12, 6211–6217 (2021) [link] [pdf]

- selected as cover 

18. Junbyeong Lee†, Agha Aamir Jan†, Shraddha Prakash Ganorkar †, Jungwan Cho, Dongwoo Lee*, and Seunghyun Baik*, “Tunable solid-state thermal rectification by asymmetric nonlinear radiation,Materials Horizons, 8, 1998-2005 (2021) [link] [pdf]

17. Injun Oh†, Donghyun Park†, Euimin Cheong, Haechan Jo, Sanghun Park, Daegun You, Taeyeop Kim, Yuhyun Park, Kyunghoon Kim, Gi-Dong Sim, Chansun Shin* and Dongwoo Lee*, “Anisotropic He-ion irradiation damages in nanocolumnar W thin films,” Extreme Mechanics Letters, 41, 100984 (2020)  [link] [pdf]

16. Daegun You, Shraddha Ganorkar, Sooran Kim, Keonwook Kang, Won-Yong Shin*, Dongwoo Lee*, “Machine Learning-based Prediction Models for Formation Energies of Interstitial Atoms in HCP Crystals,” Scripta Materialia, 183, 1-5 (2020)  [link] [pdf]

15. Daegun You, Shraddha Ganorkar, Minsoo Joo, Donghyun Park, Sooran Kim, Keonwook Kang*, and Dongwoo Lee*, “Ab initio study of H, B, C, N, O, and self-interstitial atoms in hcp-Zr,” Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 787, 631-637 (2019)  [link] [pdf]

14. Dongwoo Lee and Joost J. Vlassak, “Diffusion kinetics in binary CuZr and NiZr alloys in the super-cooled liquid and glass states studied by nanocalorimetry,” Scripta Materialia, 165, 73-77 (2019) [link] [pdf]

13. Juanjuan Zheng, Yucong Miao, Haitao Zhang, Shi Chen, Dongwoo Lee, Raymundo Arroyave, Joost J. Vlassak, “Phase transitions in equiatomic CuZr shape memory thin films analyzed by differential nanocalorimetry,” Acta Materialia, 159,320-331 (2018) [link] [pdf]

12. Haitao Zhang, Dongwoo Lee, Ye Shen, Jinhye Bae, Jan Schroers, Yong Xiang, Joost J. Vlassak, “Combinatorial temperature resistance sensors for the analysis of phase transformations demonstrated for metallic glasses,” Acta Materialia, 156, 486-495 (2018) [link] [pdf]

===== Prior to SKKU =====


11. Dongwoo Lee, Bingge Zhao, Eric Perim, Haitao Zhao, Pan Gong, Yulai Gao, Yanhui Liu, Cormac Toher, Stefano  Curtarolo, Jan Schroers, and Joost Vlassak, “Crystallization Behavior upon Heating and Cooling in Cu50Zr50 Metallic Glass Thin Films,” Acta Materialia, 121, 68-77 (2016) [pdf]

10. Eric Perim†, Dongwoo Lee†, Yanhui Liu†, Cormac Toher, Pan Gong, Yanglin  Li, W. Neal Simmons, Ohad Levy, Joost Vlassak, Jan Schroers, and Stefano  Curtarolo, “Spectral descriptors for bulk metallic glasses based on the thermodynamics of competing crystalline phases,” Nature Communications, 7, 12315 (2016) [pdf]

- “Can artificial intelligence create the next wonder material?”, News Feature, Nature 533, 22–25 (May 2016) 

- “Crystallization frustration predicts metallic glass formation”, EurekAlert!,, Science Daily (Aug 2016) 

- “Paving the way toward novel strong, conductive materials”, Harvard SEAS News (Aug 2016)    


9. Gi-Dong Sim, Yong Seok Choi, Dongwoo Lee, Kyu Hwan Oh, and Joost J. Vlassak, “High tensile strength of sputter-deposited  ZrB2 ceramic thin films measured up to 1016 K,” Acta Materialia, 113, 32-40 (2016) [pdf] 

8. Dongwoo Lee, Joost J. Vlassak*, and Kejie Zhao*, “First-Principles Analysis on the Catalytic Role of Additives in Low-Temperature Synthesis of Transition Metal Diborides using Nanolaminates,” ACS Applied Materials & interfaces 8 (17), 10995-11000 (2016) [pdf]

7. Matt Pharr, Yong Seok Choi, Dongwoo Lee, Kyu Hwan Oh, and Joost J. Vlassak, “Measurements of stress and fracture in germanium electrodes of lithium-ion batteries during electrochemical lithiation and delithiation,” Journal of Power Sources 304, 164-169 (2016) [pdf]

6. Dongwoo Lee, Gi-Dong Sim, Kejie Zhao, and Joost J. Vlassak, “
Kinetic Role of Carbon in Solid-state Synthesis of Zirconium Diboride via Nanolaminates: Nanocalorimetry Experiments and First-Principles Calculations,” Nano Letters 15 (12), 8266-8270 (2015)  [pdf]

5. Dongwoo Lee, Joost J. Vlassak*, and Kejie Zhao*, “
First-principles Theoretical Studies and Nanocalorimetry Experiments on Solid-State Alloying of Zr-B,” Nano Letters 15 (10), 6553-6558 (2015) [pdf]

4. Dongwoo Lee, Gi-Dong Sim, Kechao Xiao, and Joost J. Vlassak, "
Low-Temperature Synthesis of Ultra-High-Temperature Coatings of ZrB2 Using Reactive Multilayers,” The journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (36), 21192-21198 (2014) [pdf]

3. Kechao Xiao, Dongwoo Lee, and Joost J. Vlassak, “
Kinetics of solid-gas reactions characterized by scanning AC nano-calorimetry with application to Zr oxidation,” Applied Physics Letters 105 (17), 171901 (2014) [pdf]

2. Dongwoo Lee, Gi-Dong Sim, Kechao Xiao, Yong Seok Choi, and Joost J. Vlassak, “
Scanning AC nanocalorimetry study of Zr/B reactive multilayers,” Journal of Applied Physics 114 (21), 214902 (2013) [pdf]

1. Dongwoo Lee, Jungwan Park, Dongjun Hyun, GyungHwan Yook, and Hyunseok Yang, “
Novel mechanisms and simple locomotion strategies for an in-pipe robot that can inspect various pipe types,” Mechanism and Machine Theory 56, 52-68 (2012) [pdf]


PhD Thesis 

Dongwoo Lee, “Nanocalorimetry Experiments and First-Principles Theoretical Studies of Solid-State Reactions in Nanolaminates” (February 2016) [pdf]



[KR] 박막의 기계 및 전기 물성 고속 측정 시스템, 제 10-2019-0066408호, 2021년 2월 1일 등록, 이동우, 김경훈, 박동현, 유대건, 정의민, 조해찬, 오인준

Conference Proceeding Articles (full-length papers)

2. Dongwoo Lee, Sinbae Kim, Yong-Lae Park, and Robert J. wood, “Design of Centimeter-scale Inchworm Robots with Bidirectional Claws,” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2011), Shanghai, China, May 2011 (Accepted for an oral session) [pdf]

1. Jungwan Park, Sangyong Park, Dongwoo Lee, and Hyunseok Yang, “
Prediction method of an in-pipe robot's orientation to pass in a curved pipe,” ICROS-SICE International Joint Conference 2009 (ICCAS-SICE 2009), Fukuoka, JAPAN, Aug 2009 [pdf]





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